Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors

Are you looking for a garage door with a pattern or style that matches the design of your house? If so, a sectional (panel) door could be for you. Sectional Doors come in a wide range of styles and colours, making it easy to get the right one for your needs. Sectional garage doors typically use sectional panels to open and close. They open vertically and do not swing out from the garage, instead, providing a streamlined opening to your garage.

sectional garage door

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    Slimline sectional doors

    Slimline sectional doors are by far the most popular sectional door design. Each panel is impressed with horizontal lines which adds strength to the door without drawing a lot of attention through bold design. Slimline sectional doors are available in a wide range of durable Colorbond colours.


    Slimline sectional doors

    Ranch / Western sectional doors

    Ranch, or Western sectional doors make a stylish addition to new or renovated homes. These doors are imprinted with a rectangular design  and are available in a range of colour bond colours.

    Ranch / Western sectional doors

    Flatline sectional doors

    The Fineline sectional garage door looks great on a wide range of homes. Made from Australian Colorbond steel, flatline sectional doors feature flat panels with no designs or imprints.  Flatline panels are hinged together vertically and run on tracks placed under the ceiling.


    Flatline sectional doors

    Heritage sectional doors

    Heritage sectional garage doors looks are similar to ranch style doors however they feature an impressive square design and come with several window options. Heritage sectional doors are available in a range of durable, Colorbond colours.


    Heritage sectional doors

    Timber look sectional doors

    Compliment your home with wood look sectional doors. These doors provide a timber look panel without the price tag. Made of quality colour bond, wood look sectional doors come in a slimline design with a variety of timber look finishes.

    Timber look sectional doors

    Insulated sectional doors

    Insulated sectional doors are commonly made in a flatline design and are filled with insulating foam to protect your garage from outside temperatures. Insulated doors also have seals surrounding the opening and assist in blocking out light, noise and draughts.

    Insulated sectional doors
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